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Celebrate the life and career of the great Barry Sheene. The word legend is used too easily, but when you refer to Barry Sheene it really is the only word that will do. After winning the 750cc World Championship in 1973, Sheene career was thrown into doubt by his crash at Daytona in 1975. However, in typically defiant style, Barry was back and won the 500cc World Championship twice in a row, in 1976 and 1977. Sheene was a star on the track, a superstar off it and always keen to speak his mind, whoever it upset – you didn’t always agree, but you had to admire the outspoken honesty and sincerity. Our range of books and films paint a wonderful picture of Sheene’s career, including plenty of action, plus there are prints, gifts and more. At Duke, the DVD we watch over and over again to remind us of the famous number 7, is Silverstone Dream, packed with action from the epic 1979 British Grand Prix.

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