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Tap Dancing with Susan Bishop DVD

Tap Dancing with Susan Bishop DVD

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Product code: GUDVD5043Released: 04 February 2010160 minutesDVD Region: 0

Product description

Programme 1:
Let me introduce you to some of the basic single sounds from which tap is built. Starting from walking and stamping, we will go through a series of 10 easy and clearly explained lessons. These lessons are suitable for beiginners of any age, from children to pensioners, and the steps are very simple. Gradually the steps are linked together to make a short tap dance routine. There are practice sessions throughout the programme for you to repeat a step until you get it right.

Using a variety of music from rock to samba, the DVD also shows the many moods of tap and how different the same routine can be when its personality is changed by the music.

Programme 2:
This is an exciting development from Hot Tap Programme 1 and shows how steps build in complexity but also how easy tap is once you understand the logic.

It teaches many steps from the golden age of tap musicals and also shows how those very same steps can be transformed and kept fresh and alive with a modern style.

The steps build through a series of 10 lessons. Each lesson starts easily and gets more difficult, and interspersed are 6 very different dances.

The first dance is a traditional fast number with fun rhythms and flashy feet. The second is Cappella, based on an insistent repeated rhythm, moving in and out of the more usual 2/3, 3/4 into 7/8 and beyond. For the third dance we slow down into a blues number with a graceful flow. The fourth dance is also very modern, done entirely to a drum track and shows how tap dancers use their feet as an instrument to add an extra dimension to the music. The fifth has an exotic feel in 6/4. With the last dance we return firmly to tradition with a wonderful swing number that features a feast of Hot Tap.

Programme 3:
Timesteps are traditional tap steps that have been handed down for generations and for the first time they have been collected together on film.

This DVD is ideal for anyone interested in tap. It demonstrates how to perform a variety of timesteps from the simplest to the trickiest. So if you're just starting out there's lots to learn. If you're already accomplished then experience the richness of our tap heritage.

Programme 4:
Ten lessons that show how to use rhythm to make really exciting tap. Very easy steps like stamps and claps, shuffles and ball changes. From 42nd Street to Tap Dogs, tap dance is about rhythm and this programme teaches you to make your own 'fascinatin' rhythm'. You need only a very basic tap technique as each lesson starts with easy stuff and gives you lots of practice with each step. Then we show you different ways to play around with the rhythm. How missing beats or making bits go faster or slower makes the steps more exciting. How to start on different beats and mess the rhythm about to get delightful results. How to use repeated patterns in fun ways.

Even teachers and choreographers will find tools to enhance and liven their dances. We've also thrown in some cool new moves like the schlam and the schlurp to spice things up. So get out your tap shoes and master tap.

As these DVD's demonstrate - Tap Dancing is for everyone from children to pensioners, so what are you waiting for? Get on your dancing shoes and turn to tap!>!!


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