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Crash Vol 3 DVD

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Product Code: 5308 , Release Date: 27 April 2015, 95 minutes
  • DVD
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Crash Vol 3 DVD - Description

The Germans have a word for what you’re going to see on this DVD: Schadenfreude – taking pleasure from watching others fail.

And boy do they fail… and fail… and fail some more. This is failure on an epic scale.

Rally cars, speed boats, racing trucks, bikes, quads, open wheelers and more; if it can be crashed our world-class failers deliver time and again.

Crash just goes to prove that no matter how high you climb in your chosen field you never get so high you can’t completely stuff it up with a hugely embarrassing ‘moment’!

And what’s more, you can guarantee it will happen right in front of a camera!

Sit back and enjoy a constant stream of hilarious mishaps from all corners of the world – safe in the knowledge that the worst injuries are to the drivers’ pride!

For Volume 3 we’ve gathered the most recent crop of motorsport chaos caught on camera and we’ve dived into the archives for some of the all-time greats. See what you think of this lot :

·         Colin McRae getting it all wrong at the Manx International Rally

·         Deep-sea diving in million dollar off-shore powerboats

·         Huge full-power Group C collisions

·         Retro rally smashes

·         The bravest cameraman in Crash history!

And many, many more!

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