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Great Car Wars DVD

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Product Code: 5051 , Release Date: 28 September 2009, 46 minutes
  • DVD
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Great Car Wars DVD - Description

Get set for the ultimate collection of motorsport mayhem as we bring you the very greatest Car Wars – the most spectacular crashes, passes, rolls, stunts and racing showdowns ever captured on film!

 With epic action from single seat events, rallying, sportscars and even truck racing, Great Car Wars is a jaw-dropping collection of classic clips as racing heroes get it very badly wrong. We have travelled the globe to bring you the most stunning moments from international racing at famous circuits like Silverstone, Monza, Monaco and Le Mans.

 Watch what happens when the most powerful machines – including fire-breathing Group B rally cars and smoke-belching racing trucks – get a little too close to each other, and the scenery, in this thrilling, and often hilarious, compilation of hair-raising racing indents.

 Slow motion sequences and on-board footage ensure you don’t miss a moment as our racing heroes – including familiar names like Damon Hill, Eddie Irvine and Martin Brundle – get it spectacularly wrong.

 They call it racing, but this is all-out war -  Car Wars!

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