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Ultimate Havoc (3 Disc) DVD

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Product Code: 5305 , Release Date: 15 October 2010, 357 minutes
  • DVD
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  • "Crash-tastic...have a guilt-free chuckle" Motor Cycle News
  • "A thoroughly entertaining addition to your collection" Retro Cars

Ultimate Havoc (3 Disc) DVD - Description

Get set to experience the biggest-ever collection of smashes, crashes, spins and rolls with Ultimate Havoc. For more than three decades Havoc has been bringing racing fans hair-raising, shocking and often hilarious mishaps from around the world. Now you can witness more than 1,000 of the most jaw-dropping moments of motorised mayhem in Ultimate Havoc.

There is something for everyone, including rally action from the World and British championships, motorcycle Grand Prix and Superbike racing, single-seaters, motocross, international sportscars, truck racing, touring cars, power boats and even a caravan destruction derby!

There’s sickening high-sides, car-destroying crashes, massive pile-ups and terrifying fireball spins – you’ll be leaping out of your armchair as we unleash the Havoc! Amazingly the only things seriously hurt in any of these spectacular smashes are the pride of the riders and drivers, as well as several hundred thoroughbred racing machines!

Plus, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud mistakes, as the biggest names in racing show they don’t always get it right, loads of edge-of-the-seat on-board footage as it all goes horribly wrong and hundreds of gravity-defying shunts.

Join rally giants Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz, Bike GP legends Mick Doohan and Eddie Lawson, MX kings David Thorpe and Eric Goboers and single-seat stars Damon Hill and Eddie Irvine – before they made it big in Formula One – as well as many more of motorsports biggest names as we show you the moments of madness they’d prefer to forget!

"True, it is childish fun. So long as you can see that the involuntary participants in the film are not seriously injured, one can laugh at it - and maybe take it a bit easier when you yourself are behind the handlebars! Six hours of senseless crashes on three DVDs. That the younger members of the family thinks it's entertaining the editor and myself agree" MCM (Sweden)

"Anyone who remembers the Havoc series of VHS videos won't need much convincing to rush out and purchase this latest DVD box set. As you might have guessed already, Ultimate Havoc provides six hours of motorsport-based crashes in this biggest-ever Duke collection. From rally to circuit, bike to car, trucks to powerboats, there are all kinds of racing thrills and spills available for your viewing delectation with over 1,000 smashes packed into this three-DVD set. There's the likes of Colin McRae, Damon Hill and Eddie Irvine featured before they made it big, but regardless of the competitors involved this will make a thoroughly entertaining addition to your collection - we wasted quite a bit of time flinching and screaming to this one in the office!" Retro Cars

"Crash-tastic racing DVD. A more lighthearted look at the dangers of motorsport, Duke Video has just released this six-hour long Ultimate Havoc crash compilation. The worst thing hurt is pride, so have a guilt-free chuckle" Motor Cycle News

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