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Crash Crazy DVD

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Product Code: 5254 , Release Date: 22 March 2002, 65 minutes
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Crash Crazy DVD - Description

One of Duke's all-time best sellers has crashed its way on to DVD. Buckle up really tight as the programme takes you through an awesome collection of 350 crashes. Yes, we're raided the worldwide archives to bring you a fantastic array of spectacular smashes and crashes from twenty different categories of powersports!

If you can drive it or ride it - you can certainly crash it. Relive those mindboggling prangs, incidents and wipe-outs in Rallycross, Formula 3, Vauxhall Lotus, Formula Ford, Saloon Cars, Rally Cars, GP Bikes, Motocross, Superbikes, Stock Cars, Speedway, Ice Racing, Hill Climbing, Karts, Truck, Supercross, Road Racing, Enduro Bikes, Classic Races and even Mountain Bikes with this rapid action compilation.

This is where the blunders and bloopers come thick and fast and we guarantee you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen for fear of missing another frenzied mishap or unavoidable wallop! However, none of the crashes shown here result in serious or fatal injury. But you'll hardly believe it when you see some of the footage!

DVD extras

* Includes the Crash Crazy top ten - these rate '10' on our crashometer and you'll want to play them 10 times just to work out what happened!

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