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How to Build a Sportscar in 7 days Download

How to Build a Sportscar in 7 days Download

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Product code: 4004EDReleased: 23 February 2012110 minutes

Product description

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build and drive your very own sportscar? Get the inside story right here as we follow Channel 4’s Mike Brewer and his team step-by-step, as they build a track day special Westfield Megabusa.

For many, the ultimate driving experience comes from seeing your own involvement in every detail of the specification – a unique combination of elbow grease and passion! The last few years have also seen a growing band of track-day enthusiasts – people who take their kit cars to the racetrack for a high-octane day of entertainment! So we’re going to find out what all the fuss is about!

You’ll laugh and cry as our guys uncover the joys and the pitfalls of creating their very own racing car. With help from mechanic Rob Watson, Mike successfully builds his 1300cc Mega-machine – and then puts it through its paces on the road and on the track to show you just what it can do!

DVD extras include full and uncut onboard laps (on and off the grass!) of the race circuit in the hand-built Westfield Megabusa, plus an onboard lap with Mark Higgins in the Westfield XTR4.