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What formats are available?

Formats: DVD, Blu-ray and Download

You will find three main video formats on

DVD This is the most common format for programmes and films on this website. Representing a major advance over the previously dominant VHS (some titles such as 1980s Formula One Reviews, are still available on the older format) it remains the industry standard due to decent picture quality, long playback, reasonable durability and good cost-effectiveness. Please note, that as with VHS tapes DVD programmes are regularly in either PAL or NTSC system – please see below for more information – ensure you select the correct system for your player.

Blu-ray is the successor format to DVD. Programmes on Blu-ray discs are in High Definition; they often have enhanced audio soundtracks and can include more extras thanks to the larger storage capacity of the newer format. In general Blu-ray discs work in all Blu-ray players, regardless of region or PAL/NTSC restriction that might affect DVDs.

Downloads. Get instant access to high quality downloads as soon as you complete your purchase.  All files use the industry standard H.264 format and are free from Digital Rights Management (DRM), meaning they are compatible with almost all devices: smart TVs, tablets, PCs, Laptops, etc. Where possible, these programmes are made available in HD resolution (1080p25) featuring a bit-rate of 4-5Mbps.  Older titles which are SD are available at the same resolution and equivalent quality compared to DVD version (typically 1Mbps bitrate).

Most smart TVs will play downloads without any issue, however some smart TV sets may require the file extension to be .mp4, rather than .m4v.  In this case you can simply rename the file extension and the file will be playable.



Video and TV Systems

Individual countries adopt one of three worldwide video systems for broadcast TV and pre-recorded tapes and discs.
These are:

PAL (widely known as the 'British system')

DVDs in the PAL system are used in the UK, Europe (except France), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Far East (except Japan) and most other territories.

NTSC (known as the 'American system')

This format is suitable for playing in the following countries: USA, Japan, Canada, South America and The Bahamas. Many Duke DVDs are available in the NTSC system. 


The main countries that used this format were France, Poland and Russia.