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Spitfire Frontline Fighter DVD

Spitfire Frontline Fighter DVD
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Product Code: DD05468 , Release Date: 09 August 2005
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    Spitfire Frontline Fighter DVD - Description

    THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM COLLECTION features rare and fascinating original films preserved in the Museums vaults. Many have never been released to the public before and are presented here, complete and uncut, for the very first time. These films are of great historical importance and are essential viewing for anyone interested in British military and aviation history. SPITFIRE FRONTLINE FIGHTER collects together four previously unreleased wartime films featuring the Supermarine Spitfire, undoubtedly the best-known fighter aircraft of the Second World War. Together, they offer a detailed, close up look at the aircraft as it was operated by the Royal Air Force through the war years. THE DAILY INSPECTION OF A SPITFIRE - These extraordinary films essentially provide a technical walkround of the Spitfire MkI, covering every conceivable aspect of the aircraft from the interior of the cockpit to the engine and guns. RE-ARMING - Made in 1940, this short film shows the rapid re-fuelling and re-arming of a flight of Spitfires - essential given the number of combat sorties being flown. SPITFIRES - Made in 1944, this aircraft recognition film is packed with great footage of the fighter, and concentrates on the Mark I, V, XIV and XXI, as well as covering the Naval variant the Seafire. FIGHTER PILOT - Written by Air-Marshal Sir Philip Joubert in 1940, this short film perfectly captures the life of a Spitfire pilot at the height of the War.

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