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Guy Martin: Worms to Catch (HB)

Guy Martin: Worms to Catch (HB)

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Product code: VR5300Released: 31 October 2016320 pages

Product description

Worms to Catch is the latest instalment in Guy's ever-growing library of autobiographical works. As the Kirmington lorry mechanic brings us up to date with his latest activities you might be thinking he's running short on material - especially after taking a break from international road racing. Not a bit of it!

With attempts at the World's fastest wall of death, Land Speed records, ultra-distance mountain biking races, taking on Lamborghinis and Ferraris with a turbo-charged Transit van in a Nevada desert race and tackling the dirt tracks on a Harley chopper, Guy's year away from the road racing circus has been anything but quiet. 

Then again, as he says himself 'I was never going to sleep in and take it easy, there were worms to catch.'

Enjoy Guy's unique take on life, speed, lorries and the butty van in this latest, compelling and hilarious edition of his on-going life story.


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