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Product code: GUDVD5027EDReleased: 17 April 201351 minutes

Product description

On 11th August 1999, a total solar eclipse hitting England for the first time since June 1927. This special allows viewers to relive this important historical moment.

Presented by 'The Sky At Night' astronomer Patrick Moore, who composed the accompanying music, the video features footage of eclipses from around the world including England's last eclipse in 1927. You will also see interviews from eclipse watchers at Bray Hill, Cornwall and the reactions of the crowd and wildlife as darkness slowly descends, along with tables and figures relating to the eclipse as well as extensive extracts from Patrick Moore's compact disc, "Moore Music".

Sir Patrick Moore is one of the best known and most respected astronomers in the world. For many, he is the popular face of astronomy having presented BBC’s longest-running programme ‘The Sky at Night’ for nearly 50 years.

Behind his infectious enthusiasm and eccentric style lies a profound knowledge and passion for his subject. In ‘Moore on the Moon’ Sir Patrick explains the origins of the moon, its place in the general scheme of the universe and its surface structure.

He examines how the moon has evolved from something that was once regarded as remote and mysterious into something which is almost familiar.

Filmed at his Selsey home and at the newly-opened South Downs Planetarium, the programme contains exclusive NASA footage of the Apollo landings including Neil Armstrong's first walk on the lunar surface - "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

But questions still remain for mankind. Is there evidence that there was once life on the moon?

Is there life now? What can we learn from the study of the moon about the origins of life, or even the end of life on our Earth?

Using illustrations, diagrams and rare film archive, Sir Patrick reviews our present knowledge of the Moon in the lucid and lively manner he has made his own.

On this DVD version, Sir Patrick guides us through ten of the most important scientific discoveries to come out of lunar research and summarises the stories behind ten of the most memorable images sent back to Earth by the Apollo missions.

He also recalls the day when the sun disappeared behind the moon - August 11th 1999 - the first total solar eclipse to hit England since June 1927


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