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MiG-29 DVD

MiG-29 DVD

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Product Code: BDV081 , Release Date: 12 March 2007, 61 minutes

Product description

Arguably the most advanced strike aircraft in the world today, the MiG 29's manoeuvrability and stability at high angles of attack make it a formidable weapon. Developed in the dark days of the Cold War, the concept behind the MiG was to design an aircraft specifically for offensive and defensive roles - a major departure from usual Soviet thinking.

The capabilities of the MiG 29 exceeded the Soviet's wildest expectations, and even without the electronic sophistication of some of its western counterparts, NATO breathed a sigh of relief when the Iron Curtain fell.

This fascinating film tells the story of the MiG's evolution, from initial brief to the Mikoyan Design Bureau, through design, development, testing, flight trials and deployment.

It includes superb archive footage that has never been seen in the west, interviews with designers and pilots, plus an exclusive interview with the man responsible for testing the plane to its limits - Leonid Lobos, current chief test pilot of the Confederation of Independent States.

With its attention to technical detail, unique interviews and amazing footage, this programme presents the definitive story of one of the Soviet's greatest fighters, the MiG 29.

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