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Hitting the Apex DVD

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Product Code: 8300732 , Release Date: 21 September 2015, 120 minutes
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Hitting the Apex DVD - Description

The DVD is region 2 and 4

This is an incredibly good film – MotoGP is one of the most photogenic sports in the World and Mark Neale has a huge talent for capturing the spirit and atmosphere in way that leaves lots of other sports looking very amateurish in comparison. 

Brad Pitt’s involvement adds an extra soupçon of glamour but it is the six riders at the heart of the film that make it what it is. 

Rossi, Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Stoner, Simoncelli and Marquez represent the fastest motorcycle racers of all time and each has a unique story to tell. 

Lots will be familiar to fans of MotoGP but there are facets which will be new to many. 

It makes for a fascinating film and one which will be watched more than once – guaranteed!

Are we in the sunset years of Grand Prix motorcycling's greatest era? This excellent documentary supports that case. lt is narrated by producer and racing fan Brad Pitt, but Hollywood’s leading man takes a supporting role to Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner; Jorge Lorenzo, Marco Simoncelli, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa. The film cracks along at a pace befitting its subjects, kicking off with lovely archive footage of the racers in their youth.   ln Stoner and Simoncelli, we are reminded what MotoGP lost when the former retired aged 27 and the latter died at Sepang in 2011. Stoner’s cringe-inducing “your ambition outweighed your talent" response to Rossi's half-hearted apology for taking him out at the 2011 Spanish GP is wonderfully waspish.  If only he were still racing.  Motorsport Magazine

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