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Product code: 3670EDReleased: 15 May 202048 minutes

Product description

Getaway in Stockholm 3 is addictive for car chase fans. There’s no plot to get in the way. It starts with a burn out and doesn’t stop ‘til the credits roll. Mr X, one of the world’s most famous traffic violators, gets into a Honda NSX and goes tearing through the Stockholm night at speeds well into 3 digits. He goes out of his way to tease the Swedish police department. At one point he pulls a quick U-turn just to catch the attention of an officer busy writing a ticket! It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to call this a chase, as the cops stand almost no chance.

Footage is captured from an in-car camera, a front bumper cam and a rear-facing camera. There’s also some footage from a helicopter, but it clearly has a problem keeping up with the speedy NSX. The course is planned and the entire route choreographed, including the escape in a fast boat. However, unplanned traffic and pedestrians on the streets keep Mr X right on his toes at the limit.

After watching Getaway in Stockholm 3 please allow 24 hours before you drive in order to allow your testosterone level to return to normal.

Certificate 18.