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World Outdoor Trials Review 1990 Duke Archive DVD

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Product Code: 2323DA , Release Date: 24 November 2010, 60 minutes
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World Outdoor Trials Review 1990 Duke Archive DVD - Description

Modern trials riding is an enthralling subject at all levels, but that's really nothing to compare with World Championship level trials for sheer breathtaking spectacle.

To watch Jordi Tarres, the 1990 champion, tackle some of the giant boulders, sheer walls and mud banks or hopping on both front and rear wheels to turn in less than a bike's length before blasting up yet another 3 metre rock face is truly awe-inspiring.

This programme, from top Spanish producers Video Racing, features the best action from all rounds of the 1990 series and puts you within inches of the experts - all on high quality film.

Adapted for the UK market by Duke Marketing with commentary by Nick Harris, this is the definitive record of a superb season. Not to be missed!

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