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Product code: 1848EDReleased: 26 September 201175 minutes

Product description

Share the excitement and drama of the gripping battle for the 1974 Ulster 350 Road Racing Championship, as Abe Alexander and Ian McGregor go head-to-head on The Title Trail.
Thanks to renowned film-makers Alwyn and Colin James, we have action-packed archive footage capturing an important chapter in the history of the sport. The classic film, which featured in the celebrated TV series Charge of the Bike Brigade, is complemented on this DVD with newly-recorded introductions from race commentary giant Derek ‘Big D’ Mason and racing legend Ray McCullough, plus a very special bonus feature.
The Title Trail, narrated by Seamus McKee, takes us through the full, dramatic 1974 Ulster 350 season, visiting classic meetings like the Ulster Grand Prix, Mid-Antrim 150 and North West 200, and legendary circuits including Kirkistown, Tandragee, Cookstown and Maghaberry. We concentrate on the exploits of Alexander and McGregor, but the ‘support’ cast is packed with great names, such as Tony Rutter, Mick Grant, Tom Herron, the original Dromara Destroyer Ray McCullough and the early appearances of the Armoy Armada – Mervyn Robinson, Frank Kennedy and Joey Dunlop.
The racing is exceptional, particularly the last lap dice between Alexander and McGregor at Dundrod, which saw them split by less than half the length of a bike at the line, and awesome Abe’s incredible ride through the field to retain the King of Kirkistown title. Archive race footage and interviews chart all the ups and downs of the season, including how Alexander would overcome mechanical failures and bone-breaking injuries to secure his first pure road racing victory and the Ulster 350 championship.
Specially filmed for this DVD is a bonus feature offering an evocative look at the atmosphere at the inaugural Armoy Road Race. Bill Kennedy and Jim Dunlop are among those to reflect on the 2009 Race of Legends, described by Guy Martin as ‘extreme as road racing gets’, where Michael Dunlop and Ryan Farquhar were among the winners.


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