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Terms and conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing tickets:


1. Tickets are for specific event days. Tickets cannot be refunded unless the event is cancelled or Government regulations cause significant changes to the event. 

2. Your booking is only confirmed once you receive a confirmation notice via email or post from Duke.

3. Ticket purchasess are not eligible for Duke Club points.

If you have any questions, or have not received a confirmation, please contact our Customer Service team on (0)330 088 5045


1. The ticket is and remains at all times the property of Duke Events Ltd (“Duke”). The ticket holder shall not: (a) use, offer or apply the ticket as a prize or competition or for any other promotional, or commercial purpose; or (b) sell, resell, donate, transfer or in any way dispose of the ticket to any person/entity via any media (including without limitation on the internet) for the purpose of commercial gain or otherwise without express written consent from Duke or its agents.

2. The entire ticket is required to gain admission. Printed receipts are not acceptable. Duplicate tickets will not be issued if it is lost or stolen and a defaced or illegible ticket may become invalidated.

3. One ticket entitles one person to admission.

4. Ticket holders shall only occupy the seat specified on the ticket. If no seat is specified ticket holders are free to choose one seat from the unallocated seating area. Ticket holders must respect other users at all times. Duke reserve the right to exclude ticketholders who violate this rule after being warned by a member of Duke's staff.

5. The ticket holder shall not bring, or use or display at or around the venue, any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials. The ticket holder shall not offer or distribute within or around the venue any consumer article or commercial product or service or any leaflet relating thereto.

6. Race day tickets are only valid for the date displayed and are not race specific. Tickets for qualifying days are valid for the date shown on the ticket only.

7. No refunds or exchanges in respect of this ticket will be made by Duke unless the event is cancelled in which case Duke shall be entitled to offer refund or exchange at its discretion which shall be subject to such application process as Duke stipulates at the time.

8. The use of photographic equipment is allowed for private domestic purposes only.  All other recording and any transmission is prohibited including (without limitation) recording of any data, information or results of or relating to the event and any participant.

9. Tickets are issued subject to the rules and terms and conditions of the venue and in particular the list of prohibited items set out in it.

10. Duke are not promoters of the Isle of Man TT Races®, The Classic TT Races, The Southern 100 Road Races or the Manx Grand Prix, nor are they agents for any third party. Duke are not responsible for the running of the event or any decisions taken by the Isle of Man Government Department of Enterprise, ACU Events Ltd, The Manx Motorcycle Club, Southern One Hundred Motorcycle Racing Club or any other third party regarding the running and promotion of the Isle of Man TT, Classic TT, Southern 100 Road Races, the Manx Grand Prix or any other event, unless expressly stated otherwise on your ticket.

11. Children aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Rights to refuse admission are reserved.  You shall not do or permit anything to be done which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to Duke, its Authorised Agents, the promoters, other patrons or members of the public. In the interests of public safety Duke reserves the right to request you to leave the venue at any time for safety reasons or immediately after the event.

No admission or re-admission is permitted after the end of the event. Neither Duke or the promoters shall be liable for any injury or accident whatsoever to the patron or his guest nor for any loss or damage to, or theft of property however such injury, loss or damage may be caused (whether by the negligence of the Duke or its employees or otherwise), provided always that this exclusion of liability shall not apply in respect of death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Duke, the promoters, or its agents or for which it is legally responsible. 

‘Duke’ is a registered trademark of Duke Marketing Ltd. ‘TT’ and ‘Classic TT Isle of Man’ are registered trademarks of the Isle of Man Government Department of Enterprise. ‘Manx Grand Prix’ and ‘MGP’ are registered trademarks of Manx Motor Cycle Club Ltd.