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Product code: ZZ3673Released: 11 December 2002

Product description

Your favourite car magazine doesn’t come close to the real excitement of BMI!

Best Motoring International is an English language version of the most established car video magazine in Japan. It offers various tests and battles, including serious racetrack duels by the Best Motoring reviewers, all of whom are or were top professional racing drivers in Japan. In addition many tips on improving your car’s performance and hints on driving techniques are also available. This issue contains:

The long awaited 21st century Z car has finally debuted. Check out the New 350Z - from winding road impressions to high-speed circuit tests and the Z car in action as it battles against its rivals at Tsukuba Circuit.

Next up is an interesting look at normal aspirated (NA) cars versus turbo-equipped monsters. You’ll witness the turbo charged S14 and S15 attack the NA lightweight sports cars on the track.

You can also enjoy the latest trend in VTEC tuning with the 2-Liter VTEC Challenge whcih gathers some of the fastest cars around. The VTEC powered S2000 is challenged by a hyper tuned EK9 and a four-door entrant, the Accord Euro R.

One of the most popular features on BMI is the Touge (Hill) Showdown. Tsuchiya and Taniguchi go one-on-one on winding mountain roads in the continuing saga of Touge Showdown 2. Going at it again, with the familiar rules from the anime series Initial-D. Both drivers show their talent and guts by blasting through the tricky corners of the Touge at absurd speeds.

Bonus footage includes behind the scenes of BMI and a look at the making of Touge Showdown 2.


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