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The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties (HB)

The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties (HB)

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Product code: VE4070Released: 01 October 2010160 pages

Product description

Although the history of the car stretches for a period only slightly longer than 100 years, it is nevertheless an area with many little-known gems waiting to be uncovered or rediscovered. This book is an alternative look at automotive history, a celebration of the non-conformist spirit and radical approaches to designing cars.

Based on documented facts, this book also contains dialogues and personal details from some of the most innovative engineers of the last century, helping the reader understand how passion and restlessness drive progress in car manufacturing.
Many inventions that we tend to attribute to the contemporary car giants were in fact made many years ago, but few can remember the names of those talented people who created them. This book gives them due credit, and proves that a dream often becomes reality.