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Product Code: SYD , Release Date: 08 September 2008
  • DVD (NTSC)
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Sydewayz - Description

The whole world wants to know “What are sideshows?” – “What exactly is ‘hyphy’?” This is the authentic DVD that shows how an infamous East Oakland event called the Sideshow gave birth to the Hyphy movement. SYDEWAYZ touches every aspect of the Sideshow lifestyle. This is streetlife as you’ve never seen it. Thousands gather to watch these exhibitions of automotive chaos every weekend in one of the most dangerous cities in America. You’ll get an overdose of cars “Swangin”, “Doors Open”, “Gas, Break, Dippin” and of course – “Ghost Riding Ya Whip!” But watch your back because the police are out to strip your ride and take you to jail! This DVD takes you where the news cameras don’t. This is the video series that spawned an entire generation!