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Your 15th Club - The Inner Secret to Great Golf

Your 15th Club - The Inner Secret to Great Golf

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Product code: SS2543Released: 15 May 2008190 pages

Product description

Padraig Harrington helped crystallize my reason for writing this book. Padraig is a very thoughtful, analytical man. He's been a client and a friend for ten years, but I wouldn't call myself his mental coach or his sports psychologist. Padraig and I have conversations. My role usually amounts to listening to the things he's figured out and nodding my head. I learn as much from Padraig as he learns from me.
Not long ago, Padraig mentioned that he recommends the book I wrote in 1994, Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, to the people he plays with, including fellow pros. I was intrigued, and not just because word of mouth is the best advertising. I know that Padraig is a friendly, generous fellow, but I also know that he's a competitor down to the bone. I know he thought Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect had helped him, so I was curious as to why he'd recommend the book to players who were trying to take away what he has -- the top ranking among European players.