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Guy Martin Round The Bend TT Tarmac

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Product Code: PE23 , Release Date: 30 May 2012
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    Guy Martin Round The Bend TT Tarmac - Description

    Isle of Man TT Races tarmac souvenirs. These are amazing collectables that make great gifts and are sure to raise a laugh with every bike fan.

    ‘The Creg’, lives in the imagination of all TT enthusiasts. The anticipation of catching the first sight of the leader on the roads as he comes into view round Kate’s Cottage and down the undulating ribbon of tarmac that leads to the right-angled turn at Creg-ny-Baa excites fans for all ages.
    Over the years hundreds of thousands have lined its banks to spend the day revelling in the sights and sounds of road-racing at its finest and to witness the magic of the TT at ‘The Creg’.

    • Produced in a LIMITED EDITION of 750 as a tribute to each famous rider, not only are they authenticated by the Director of Highways, but they are also produced in collaboration with the Department of Social Care’s Eastcliffe Resource Centre who also profit from sales.

    Other 'Round the Bend' TT Tarmac riders available are:

    • David Jefferies Round The Bend TT Tarmac
    • John Surtees Round The Bend TT Tarmac
    • Geoff Duke Round The Bend TT Tarmac
    • Giacomo Agostini Round The Bend TT Tarmac