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Yamaha RA31A 125cc 1968 Print

The unmounted prints are supplied as large format prints, printed using state-of-the art Epson SC8000s. We use archival-quality, heavy-weight media and original Epson Ultrachrome HDX pigmented inks to ensure the widest possible colour rendering, long-term lightfastness. Prints pass through our fully colour-managed workflow printing system, using a “on the fly” Spectroproofer powered by X-Rite for accurate colour management.
A4 (8”x12”/210mm x 297mm approx)


The Yamaha RA31A 125cc V4 was one of the engineering marvels of the golden '60s Grand Prix era.

The tiny machines totally dominated the 1968 season following the withdrawal of Honda and their stunning five cylinder four strokes. 

The rotary disc-valve engine, mounted within a featherbed-style double-cradle frame, produced approximately 42 bhp at 17,000 rpm. 

This equates to 336bhp per litre - Formula One car engines at the time were producing 135bhp per litre!  

The RA31 was fitted with a 9-speed transmission rather than their competitors' 12-speed setups. 

This helped the rider to keep the motor within its narrow power band and 9th gear acted as an overdrive for longer downhill straights to maximise a terminal speed of 140mph.

This print shows the RA31A stripped of its fairing revealing the intricate and complex V4 packed tightly into the frame.

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