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Sea Fury at War DVD

Sea Fury at War DVD


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    Product code: DD20338Released: 09 August 2005

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    The Hawker Sea Fury started out as a land-based design - the next generation of fighter on from the Typhoon and Tempest. The RAF were less than enthusiastic as they were increasingly committed to jets, but the Fury quickly found a home with the Fleet Air Arm, who were looking for a replacement for their aging Sea Fires. The fastest piston engine aircraft of its time, highly manoeuvrable and packed with power, the Sea Fury proved a formidable combat aircraft in the skies over Korea, operating from British Carriers. This film history of the Sea Fury is packed with rare and previously unavailable archive film footage of the trainer, fighter, fighter-bomber and later air racer variants, as well as exclusive interviews with veterans from the Fleet Air Arm who flew Sea Furies on combat missions over Korea. Highlights include considerable carrier ops footage, both catapult and rocket-assisted take offs, film of low level Sea Fury exercises off Gibraltar, original aircraft recognition footage and much more.


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