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The Dirty Dozen - Ireland's Motorsport Legends (PB)

The Dirty Dozen - Ireland's Motorsport Legends (PB)

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Product code: BL0507Released: 24 September 2007304 pages

Product description

What drives them? Twelve of Ireland's Legendary motor-sports stars speak out about the highs and lows of their sport, whether scorching up the stages in ralying, the perilous thrills of motorbikes or the glamour and high stakes of circuit racing. Ruthless determination to get in front, and at the same time blocking the driver or rider behind causes bitter rivalries, shocking injuries and sometimes even sabotage. Bravery, teamwork and sheer exhiliaration also have their part to play.

With an engaging balance between racing details and human interest; and a fantastic photographic section, this conveys all the glamour and excitement of the motorsport scene -

Formula One to motorcycle road racing

Featuring Derek Daly, Martin Donnelly, Eddy Irvine, Eddie Jordan, Michael Roe, John Watson, Billy Coleman, Paddy Hopkirk, Austin MacHale, Rosemary Smith, The Dunlop Brothers and Jeremy McWilliams.


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