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TT3D Closer To The Edge BluRay 3D

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TT3D Closer To The Edge BluRay 3D
TT3D Closer To The Edge BluRay 3D
TT3D Closer To The Edge BluRay 3D
TT3D Closer To The Edge BluRay 3D
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Catalogue No. 8888DBR , Release Date: 28 November 2011
Blu-ray Disc (104 minutes)
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  • "Blisteringly tense!" **** - Robbie Collin, News of the World
  • "Stunning... a must see. " Irish Motorcyclists Film Club
  • "An adrenaline rush from beginning to end" Daybreak
  • "Mind-bending footage of the TT that truly grips" - The Independent

TT3D Closer To The Edge BluRay 3D - Description

TT3D: Closer to the Edge

TT3D: Closer to the Edge shortlisted for industry awards:

  • Best Documentary Release of the Year
  • Premiere of the Year
  • Trailer of the Year

TT3D: “A racer’s paradise where glory and brutal reality collide” Ian Marsden, Telegraph

TT3D: "'s the first movie I've ever seen in 3D, and I think it's amazing." Steve Parrish

TT3D: " What could have been a pretty dull film just for motorbike fans and devotees of the Isle of Man TT race, achieves real human interest and excitement" Guardian  

TT3D: "The opening few seconds of "closer to the edge" take you deep into what makes the TT both uniquely attractive - and suicidally dangerous. The onboard camera gives a rider's eye view from the start on Glencrutchery Road, down Bray hill at 160 mph and on to quarter bridge. Seen from this perspective - it is truly terrifying." Frank Melling, Motorcycle USA

"Closer to the Edge has a perfectly-balanced combination of race footage, backstage events and personal stories." .... "The TT was so well showcased by this film that I'm now wondering how best to make it over to watch next year's in person." Xorandor

TT3D: “Whether you’ve ever visited the Road Racing Capitol of the World or not, if you have any interest whatsoever in motorcycles that go fast, this is essential viewing” Street Fighters Magazine

Review from Peter Duke, Managing Director of Duke Video

I wasn't too sure what to expect from this new film. As has been proven many times in the past when a sports subject has been given the 'big-budget motion picture' treatment, the end result can, to varying extents, be patronising, over sensationalised, corny, dull, lacking in storyline or a combination of these flaws (as with Silver Dream Racer for example!). However, I am delighted to report that TT3D Closer To the Edge avoids all these pitfalls and in my view sets a new standard in motorsport film production. It's also a documentary that should appeal as much to a general audience as to the enthusiast.

There's got human interest galore with the UK's top bikesport personality, Guy Martin, in centre stage giving his unique perspective on racing, risk and life in general - plus some 'amusing insights' into how he passes his time away from the track.

The producers then use a supporting cast of John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson and Conor Cummins plus a wide cross-section of other people involved with the TT to explain the enduring appeal of the world's oldest and most challenging motorcycle event as they prepare for and then race at the 2010 TT. No punches are pulled as we see several dramatic examples of how the TT Mountain Circuit can exact a heavy toll for any error or misjudgement. One of the most moving scenes is with Bridget Dobbs whose husband died at the 2010 TT. Her fortitude in explaining her late husband's willingness to take on life-threatening risks is compelling and uplifting viewing. From the rest of the cast there is also humour, camaraderie amongst rivals and a detailed insight into how the TT is attracting an increasing number of participants and spectators despite being - or maybe because it is - a complete anachronism in the modern world of 'elf 'n safety'.

The cinematography, script, narration and sound track are all spot-on with the 3D effects adding more to the experience for me during the paddock and slower shots than in race action. Oh yes, the racing. Probably only 40% of the film is on-track action, and it all works brilliantly as the week builds up to an epic climax in the 2010 Senior Race. There's plenty of great action shots but it's the editing that turns the time-trial nature of the TT races into edge-of-seat battles.
Closer to The Edge could do for the TT and 'real road' racing what On Any Sunday did for off-road motorcycling in the 1970's and 80's.

Even though this is not on the Duke label - and I really wanted it to be! - I can say that it's the best film about a motorsport subject I have ever seen, and you don't have to be TT nut to enjoy it.

Buy it now on Blu-ray (3D Combi) as detailed above or on standard DVD format see TT Closer to the Edge DVD. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

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