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Over The Limit Out Of Control Download

Catalogue No. 5293ED , Release Date: 29 December 2011
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Over The Limit Out Of Control Download - Description

Non-stop action video with more than 250 ‘caught-on-camera’ spins, rolls, crunches and wipe-outs, courtesy of the some of the best rally drivers of our time. Filmed at top British rallies over three seasons of twitching rear ends, broadsides and sideswipes - these boys really know how to prang expensive machinery. Sliding around corners is a finely honed-skill as is ploughing into snow banks when the car refuses to go in the direction it was pointed. And then there are those corners where the car wants to go straight on. Spectators scatter and cars roll in this suspension-bouncing, car-bending extravaganza set to the very appropriate music of Pierless.

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