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CRAIG JONES - Laughing All The Way & What It Takes Download

CRAIG JONES - Laughing All The Way & What It Takes Download

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Product code: 2005EDReleased: 23 August 201957 minutes

Product description

Craig Jones isn't your average bike rider. This is a man who makes the impossible look easy; a man who rides with more speed and grace on one wheel than most do on two!

Prepare to be amazed as Craig Jones takes you on a stunt-filled extravaganza of his famous moves and tricks. You'll see wicked wheelies, daredevil donuts and blistering burnouts that create so much smoke it'll make you cough just watching it! He also performs stoppies that are so precise that he takes his passenger (Wing) along for the ride. In fact he'll make it look so easy that you'll want to try it yourself – but please don't!

This Download combines two of Craig's most famous films in one superb package. There's an exclusive account of his successful bid for the 2002 European Stunt Riding Championship as well as a race scene from 'Luger: the Movie'. You'll also see bonus footage of Craig with World Superbike Champion Neil Hodgson. And

of course you'll get to see his new 2003 world record stoppie of 266 metres from 130mph (208kph)!!

So sit down, find something solid to hang on to and hold very tight because Craig Jones' tricks defy the laws of physics – and your imagination!