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TT 2000-09 (10 DVD) Boxset incl TT Centenary Celebration DVD

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Product code: 1754Released: 21 February 20112,071 minutesDVD Region: 0

Product description

"Superb...with cutting-edge on-bike, trackside and aerial camera work" Autosport

"Expect many hours/days of pleasure" Motorcycle News

This amazing collection brings together fast and furious action from a history-making decade of the Isle of Man TT.

Picking up where the 1985-99 TT box set left off, this 12-disc collection features comprehensive official reviews of every TT meeting from 2000 to 2009, with coverage of every Practice Week and action from every race.

Each year’s review is bristling with the very best footage, including the skilful combination of on-bike, trackside and aerial camerawork which has allowed coverage of the TT to remain at the cutting edge. Plus, of course, there are plenty of interviews and bonus features.

The collection is full of heroes, legends, iconic machines and era-defining moments which brought the TT into the 21st century, and saw the event through its 100th anniversary and beyond.

Of course, there was no racing in 2001 due to the outbreak of foot-and-Mouth Diseases, so there is no review DVD for that year. Instead, to ensure you receive 10 DVDs and a complete story of the decade, we have included the critically-acclaimed documentary TT: Centenary Celebration, presented by Murray Walker.

Altogether, this box set provides you with more than 35½ hours of edge-of-the-seat and fascinating entertainment.

The collection opens with the review of 2000, an amazing year which saw 48-year-old Joey Dunlop defy his critics to take yet another big bike win, and claim two more victories towards his record-breaking TT tally. What none of us knew as Joey showed the young pretenders the way was that we were witnessing his final TT – but it was a performance which wonderfully summed up the talent, commitment and humility of the great man. The review also marks the ascendency of another great name now lost from the TT – David Jefferies, who would have dominated the year had it not been for William Joseph Dunlop. In addition to all the race action, the review includes rider biographies, a complete on-board lap with Iain Duffus, Peter Kneale’s All Time TT Greats, a tribute to Joey and more.

In 2002, following the cancellation the previous year, the TT was back with a bang, and all the explosive action can be relived again in the official review. The astonishing DJ took his own lap record of more than 125mph – set in 2000 – and smashed not once, but twice, setting a new benchmark of 127.29mph. The year will also be remembered for the popular win by Manxman Richard ‘Milky’ Quayle. The review includes a TT preview with Jefferies as well as a complete on-board lap with the much-missed racer.

Despite amazing racing, the 2003 TT will be remembered best for the tragic loss of David Jefferies. The DVD review pays tribute to DJ, and records all the action as his teammate Adrian Archibald, still shaken by the loss, took two marvellous wins, perfect tributes to Jefferies. We also watch the on-track drama as Bruce Anstey and Shaun Harris go for gold, and Manxman Dave Molyneux racks up another sidecar win. The review includes an on-board lap with Harris, a look at Triumph at the TT and more.

In 2004, with the loss of DJ still being felt, a new hero emerged in the shape of his friend John McGuinness. A trio of wins to join an elite club and a new lap record marked the Morecambe Missile as the new star. The DVD captures this, as well as all the other action, including wins for Anstey, Archibald, Moly and Ryan Farquhar. Bonus features include an on-board lap with Richard Britton, including on-screen graphics, a practice diary from McGuinness, a top 10 of TT riders and a tribute to David Wood.

The remarkable rise of McGuinness to the status of TT legend continued in 2005, with more wins. The review captures an important year for the event, with new race titles introduced and four races producing four different winners! Only McGuinness could do the double – even the Sidecar victories were split between the Manx rivals of Moly and Nick Crowe. The best kerb-cam, helicopter, trackside and on-bike views bring you all the action and drama. The review includes on-board laps with Martin Finnegan and sidecar driver Tony Baker and coverage of the classic parade lap.

The 2006 review brings detailed coverage of all six races with the usual blend of jaw-dropping action footage. Despite victory for Anstey and sidecar domination for Nick Crowe, this year was, once again, all about McGuinness, especially when he shocked everyone with a new lap record of 129.4mph! Bonus features let you join Guy Martin for an on-board lap, meet the international riders, discover a marshal’s guide to the TT and enjoy the classic parade lap.

Next is the remarkable milestone of 2007, the 100th anniversary of the Isle of Man TT. To mark the importance of the occasion, the review was expanded to a two-disc edition – and there was so much action and atmosphere to fit in, in needed two! There is incredible race action as the biggest names, and an incredibly talented field of newcomers, leave it all out on the track in pursuit of glory in Centenary year. Every lap seems to re-write the record books, but none so comprehensively as during the Senior when the 130mph lap is finally achieved. There is an absolute wealth of bonus features: on-board laps, interviews with past greats, the history of the event, a look at MV Agusta and much more.

After the excitement of the Centenary year, could the 2008 TT possibly live up to the reputation? Well, as the review DVD shows, it could – and did! Once again spread across 2 discs, the official review has the very best action-packed footage from all around the 37.73-mile circuit as the drama unfolds in every race. The grip of McGuinness on the Senior was maintained, but TT fans had new victors to cheer in 2008 – Steve Plater and Cameron Donald. Plus, history was made when the Lightweight and Ultra-Lightweight TT races were run on the 4.25-mile Billown circuit – and produced some scintillating racing which you can enjoy again in this review. Bonus features include interviews, on-board laps, a look at the star-studded Ducati parade and much more.

In the final review of this collection, we enjoy another remarkable, history-making year for the TT. There’s drama in every race, brilliantly captured in this footage, but new for this year was the Hi-Motion camera, offering an amazing ultra slow-motion look at the bikes in action – if you haven’t seen the dramatic result of this camera, you must. It really was a year of history – Moly took an unprecedented 14th sidecar TT win, TTXGP marked the arrival of clean-emission racing, William Dunlop continued the proud tradition of his famous name and McGuinness put himself back on top of the TT world with a simply staggering lap record of 131.578mph and a 15th TT – second only to Joey Dunlop in the list of all-time TT winners. Once again, there are plenty of bonus features, including a lap with the MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, interviews and on-board laps.

Also included in this essential collection is TT: Centenary Celebration. This remarkable documentary, presented by commentating legend and lifelong TT fan Murray Walker, was filmed during the TT Centenary in 2007 and examines the passion and dedication of riders, teams, officials, volunteers and fans which ensured the survival of the event into its second century. There are candid contributions from names like Carl Fogarty, John Surtees, Giacomo Agostini, McGuinness, Martin and Ian Lougher. We hear from the fans, we meet the officials and volunteers who ensure the event can go ahead. This documentary takes you under the skin of the event as it celebrates an anniversary which just two decades earlier looked like it may never happen.

"We don't cover the Isle of Man TT races in Autosport, but that doesn't matter: the legendary closed-road extravaganza still rates highly among fans of motorised sport- especially if like many of us you subscribe to the 'half the wheels, twice the fun' analogy. This superb 10-disc boxset brings over 35 hours of official reviews from every TT meeting from 2000-2009 (the event was cancelled in '01 in case you've spotted the anomaly), with cutting-edge on-bike, trackside and aerial camera work. And there are plenty of interviews and bonus features, includin a special film, narrated by bike-loving motormouth Murray Walker, celebrating the event's centenary in 2007" Autosport

"This 12-disc collection features comprehensive official reviews of every TT meeting from 2000 to 2009, including coverage of every practice week and action from every race. Expect many hours/days of pleasure from the accumulated on-bike, trackside and aerial footage, plus many interviews and bonus features" Motorcycle News


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