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Golf is a Game of Confidence (HB)

Golf is a Game of Confidence (HB)

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Product code: 068483040XReleased: 19 April 2011140 pages

Product description

If golf is 90 percent walking, 9 percent talking, and 1 percent swinging, the other half - as Yogi Berra would say - is mental.

Hence the abundance of head-game advice, to which golf psychologist Dr Bob Rotella adds this collection of 18 case histories. Though his clients range from Pros like Brad Faxon and Davis Love to unknown hackers, Rotella supplies the same prescription for them all - "confidence is playing with your eyes".

He explains what he means by this aphorism through the experiences of his clients, all of whom learn that the mental side of the game drives the physical.

According to Rotella, golfers at all levels are on a quest for that 15th club - the club called confidence.

In this revolutionary guide, Rotella tells readers how this club can be the difference between making par and bogey, making the cut or leaving town, playing smart and playing recklessly, winning and losing.

This book, filled with anecdotes and inspirational instruction, focuses on the most important skill a golfer can have, the ability to think confidently.


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