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Motorcycle GP Racing in the 1960s (HB)

Motorcycle GP Racing in the 1960s (HB)

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Product code: VE4416Released: 16 June 2014176 pages

Product description

The 1960s can only be seen as a golden era in the history of motorcycle Grand Prix racing as the Post-war interest in top-level motorcycle racing reached its final climax before changing forever in the two-stroke, short circuit revolution. . 

The decade saw the rise of the Japanese factories that would eventually dominate the sport, and the burgeoning two-stroke technology that would go on to replace the traditional four stroke machines. It was undoubtedly one of the most glorious and exciting decades as far as technological diversity was concerned, with machines that displayed a remarkable variety of technical complexity – at least fifty different makes of machine from over half a dozen countries were involved in the events.

This book covers those years in full – the bikes, the riders, and the races – offering a beautifully illustrated and engrossing account of a remarkable era in Grand Prix racing.


• Comprehensive reference work on Grand Prix racing in the 1960s

• Foreword by former GP rider Tommy Robb

• Introductory overview of GP racing in the 60s 

• Yearly detailed review of all the races

• Brief racing biographies of well-known riders

• Complete results of all Grands Prix down to sixth place

• Complete world championship results for the decade

• Year-by-year GP machine specification chart

• Rider performance statistical charts and circuit diagrams

• Profusely illustrated with 150 quality photographs


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