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McKlein Rally The Wider View 2018 Calendar

McKlein Rally The Wider View 2018 Calendar
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Product Code: MCK18 , Release Date: 02 November 2017
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    McKlein Rally The Wider View 2018 Calendar - Description

    The new-generation World Rally Cars are wider, faster and more powerful, and make the sport more spectacular than ever before.

    In their search for the last tenth of a second, the WRCs of Citroën, Hyundai, M-Sport-Ford and Toyota fight their way through powdery dust, slide with all four wheels over icy tracks or speed over bumpy tarmac roads.

    All this action-packed spectacle is shown nowhere better than in McKlein’s “Rally 2018 - The Wider View” calendar.

    This, the official calendar of the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship, shows twenty-five of the most captivating images from the current WRC season.

    For each month of the year, this XXL calendar that comes in a 95-centimetre wide panoramic format offers a choice between two very different pictures illustrating the sport through the eyes of the McKlein.

    The world-famous photographers take you on a journey from Monte Carlo to Finland and from Argentina to Sweden and also give an insight into their camera settings as well as the location of the photos.

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