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Welding A Practical Guide to Joining Metals (PB)

Welding A Practical Guide to Joining Metals (PB)

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Product code: GM1890Released: 09 August 2010160 pages

Product description

Welding gives practical instruction on joining metals, whatever the task at hand. It explains a range of techniques from soft soldering though to TIG and gas welding, as well as introducing alternative methods and advice on the importance of safety.

  • User-friendly, quick guide to identifying the technique right for your job
  • Authoritative introduction to each technique, accompanied by beginner's notes
  • Full account of MIG welding, the ideal choice for car repairers and restorers
  • Clear explanations to the scientific processes at work
  • Specific advice on creating joints using a range of popular techniques Areas covered include plumbing, model engineering, vehicle repair & restoration, jewellery & silversmithing, horology, metal sculpture and set design.