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Duke Neckwarmer
Duke Neckwarmer
Duke Neckwarmer
Duke Neckwarmer

Duke Neckwarmer

Classic Helmet
Modern Helmet
Classic Helmet Design


Duke's neckwarmers are multi-function face and neck coverings that you can wear as a neckwarmer, bandana or any one of a dozen other ways.

Also known as a snood, they are ideal for all outdoor activities from motorcycling to just visiting the shops. 

Made from Microfibre, 100% synthetic single-layer fabric.

Choose from two styles: classic helmets or modern helments.

Classic Helmets

Classic motorcycle racing helmets spanning the golden years of the post-war Grand Prix 'Continental Circus.'

The ubiquitous "pudding basin" ruled the roost as a (flimsy) protection against the rigours of road racing. Celebrate the heroes who wore them with this colourful new neck warmer from Duke

Featuring the helmet designs of:

Top Row L to R: Florian Camathias, Derek Minter, Tom Phillis, John Cooper, Mike Hailwood

2nd Row: Peter Williams, Ray Pickerell, Geoff Duke, Jack Findlay, Giacomo Agostini

3rd Row: Tarquinio Provini, Tommy Robb, Hugh Anderson, Bill Ivy, Stanley Woods

4th Row: Santiago Herrero, John Surtees, Michelle Duff, Bill Lomas, Luigi Taveri


Modern Road Racer Helmets

Featuring twenty of the most iconic road racing helmet designs of the modern era, this is our tribute to the brave men who have tackled the demanding 'real roads' courses in the Isle of Man and further afield.

Top row (L to R): Joey Dunlop, Martin Finnegan, David Jefferies, Jim Moodie, Mike Hailwood

Row two: Steve Plater, Richard Britton, Denis McCullough, Tony Rutter, Ian Lougher

Row Three: Robert Dunlop, Steve Hislop, Dave Leach, Mick Grant, Phil McCallen

Row Four: Tom Herron, Milky Quayle, Charlie Williams, Adrian Archibald, Brian Reid


Please note: Duke neckwarmers are not for medical use or for use within medical environments, however, covering your face (nose & mouth) can help reduce the spread of viral matter. The single-layer cloth has no virus filtering qualities but is well suited to wearing over the top of a surgical mask.



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