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Discover the Great Masters of Art  Caravaggio DVD

Discover the Great Masters of Art Caravaggio DVD

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Product code: 7090Released: 18 April 201147 minutesDVD Region: 0

Product description

Includes 16-page booklet examining many of the most famous works

A Fugitive Genius!

Caravaggio tempestuous life stretched across two centuries – the worn-out Renaissance of the 1500s and the rising Baroque of the 1600s. During his short life, and a career burnt out too quickly, the Lombard painter deeply shook the world of art with unforgettable masterpieces. He emerged from the slums and taverns, climbed the great staircases of cardinals’ palaces and soon reached the peak of his fame.

It was a life of drama and adventure, incredible fame and desperate sadness. In this fascinating programme we explore Caravaggio’s life, career, work and the scandals which dominated his final years. We discover the influences of Milan in his childhood, his time in Rome, where he chose the real life of the backstreets and taverns as his subjects, his rise to fame and his incredible fall from grace, forced to flee the Eternal City under threat of execution.

We journey with Caravaggio to Naples and the Italian coast, across the sea to Malta and back to his homeland where, with salvation tantalisingly close, an amazing life came to an end. Every step of the way we see how each move and passing year influenced his work, how every incident shaped his approach to his work.

Sensational footage shows his exquisite masterpieces in detail, and the inspiration and impact of each is fully explored.

The DVD includes a series of bonus features provide wider information about Caravaggio and his work;

  • The Early Years: The Flight into Egypt
  • The Roman Period: a) The altarpieces – The Death of the Virgin and The Madonna of the Pilgrims b) The great cycles – Contarelli Chapel (The Calling of St Matthew, The Martyrdom of St Matthew and The Inspiration of St Matthew; Cerasi Chapel (The Crucifixion of St Peter, The Conversion of St Paul)
  • The Escape: The Beheading of St John the Baptist, David with the Head of Goliath
  • Location of the Main Works

"Brilliant dvds of the classic art & artists each with individual history of their career & works and detailed examples of their paintings & sculptures. Highly recommended." (Grahame, UK,  Jan 2017)


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