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FIA World Rallycross 2016 (2 Disc) DVD

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Product Code: 4429 , Release Date: 19 December 2016, 400 minutes
  • DVD
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FIA World Rallycross 2016 (2 Disc) DVD - Description

Spectacular action from thirteen rounds of the one-and-only WRX Championship 

Petter Solberg ? Matthias Ekström ? Sébastien Loeb ? Johan Kristoffersson ? Timmy Hansen ? Andreas Bakkerud 

The FIA World Rallycross Championship sees top drivers in 600bhp 4x4 supercars battling head-to-head on mixed surfaces – like it’s name suggests Rallycross is like supercross for rallycars. Which means it was clearly invented by a genius.

Each round sees multiple no-holds-barred heats and all the mad, exciting highlights are captured for posterity in this mammoth Official Review, spread across two DVDs and over seven hours of frantic, action-packed, sensational footage.

As well as the spins, smashes, flips and crashes that go hand in hand with Rallycross you’ll also get to enjoy the fascinating interviews and be kept up to date with how the season is progressing, from Round 1 at Montalegre in Portugal to Autodromo Rosario in Argentina for the big finale.

Citroen, VW, Audi, Ford and Peugeot are all slugging it out for the title it so this was never going to be a quiet year, especially when you throw such legendary drivers as Petter Solberg and Sébastien Loeb in to the mix. 

It’s all here and ready to get you sitting on the edge of your seat!

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