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Great Racing Motorcycles Vol 1 DVD

Great Racing Motorcycles Vol 1  DVD
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Product Code: 1119 , Release Date: 11 August 2014, 109 minutes
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Great Racing Motorcycles Vol 1 DVD - Description

‘Racing improves the breed’ – Soichiro Honda

Over the last century competition has been the driving force in developing motorcycles to the point where today’s road bikes can produce in excess of 150bhp and are capable of speeds approaching 200mph.

It is not that long ago a top flight racing motorcycle would be lucky to produce 50bhp and struggle to reach 140mph.

By showcasing fifty iconic racing machines from the birth of the World Championship to start of the MotoGPTM four-stroke era this valuable visual resource charts the development of the racing motorcycle and evolution of speed.

The high quality footage shows some of the most famous racing machines of all time in stunning detail from every angle.

Where possible the bikes have been shown without fairings to reveal the heart of the machine and as an aid to restorers of these rare and wonderful beasts.

The camera work is accompanied by a knowledgeable and informative commentary which includes technical details as well as some of the more notable results the bikes achieved in their careers.

You can navigate directly to each bike or you can watch the whole programme for a comprehensive review of over seventy years of racing technology and development.

This is a fabulous resource for everyone from armchair enthusiasts to people trying to keep classic racers alive.

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