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Tiff Needell Danger Zone VHS

Tiff Needell Danger Zone VHS


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    Product Code: VSL10500 , Release Date: 04 October 2001

    Product description

    The ultimate smash and crash video!

    Tiff Needell's Danger Zone is a high octane look at some of the amazing crashes that can happen within the world of motor racing.

    Tiff gives you his own brand of humour and commentary which made him a well known celebrity from the hit TV series Top Gear, as cars from Formula 3, Rally Cross, Stock Car, Saloon Racing, Lotus 7s to Robin Reliants crash, skid, spin, tumble, thrill and spill.

    With slow motion replays and Tiff's cutting wit, Danger Zone takes you to a new level of visual excitement.

    Nearly all the footage featured in this video is new and has never been seen before, so come along for a hell of a ride with Tiff Needell into the Danger Zone of motor sport.

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