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Manifesto DVD

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Product Code: VHOT6712 , Release Date: 05 April 2004, 114 minutes
  • DVD
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Manifesto DVD - Description

'Perfection!!' -

'The movie is phenomenal.' - MBUK

There are few films that have changed the sport of mountain biking, Ryan Leech's Manifesto is set to be one of them!

In this ceaseless quest for more riding style, Ryan Leech unleashes "The Manifesto". A seemingly simple idea, though unheard of before now, to eliminate all set-up and recovery hops from trials riding.

Manifesto will redefine the sport for riders worldwide! It is not just another bike flick, it is a concept film with a theme focused on pushing the boundaries of style, finesse and control. Manifesto preaches effortless, fluid elegance. Let the revolution begin!

Is it trials or is it not? You be the judge. But whether you ride trials or not, the film will blow your mind.

The DVD features over an hours worth of extra footage including every Ryan Leech video segment from his career, audio commentary by Ryan Leech, deleted scenes, teasers, Keepin' it pretty and clips from "The Milkman".

The film is packed with both natural footage, new school street action and awesome demo riding.

Anybody who has ridden a bike will be in awe of the talent displayed in Manifesto, this is a truly engrossing film that will keep even the die-hard bikers on the edge of their seats.

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