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Wintermission VHS

Wintermission VHS
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Product Code: VHOT6698 , Release Date: 23 October 2003
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    Wintermission VHS - Description

    A brand new snowboarding/skating/adventure film from the Chilli team.

    Wintermission captures the essence and excitement of a once in a lifetime six-week journey across Brazil & the United States. Featuring some of the UK's best riders such as Nelson Pratt, Dan Wakeham, Orlando Einsiedel, Hamish McKnight and Juliet Elliot, this whirlwind tour of the Americas will make your heart ache for adrenaline and excitement as you join the crew surfing the warm waves of the Pacific, partying the hell out of the Rio carnival, jumping out of an aeroplane in California, losing money in Vegas, skating some incredible bowls and of course snowboarding some of the best parks and powder America could offer. And if that's not enough, the phat beats of Tru Thoughts will truly blow your mind. This feel good road trip film will stoke you to pick up your board and hit the road. (w)elcome to our film.