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The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine (HB)

The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine (HB)

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Product Code: VE4174 , Release Date: 15 October 2008, 144 pages

Product description

By tradition, the motorcycle is a naked beast, differing from other vehicles by the fact that its mechanical structure is also part of its aesthetic appearance. In The fine art of the motorcycle engine, photographer Daniel Peirce examines the graphic nature of historic engines with stunning and dramatic photography. Since the beginning of the motorbike, engine designers knew they had to design power plants that performed well and looked good doing it. Peirce presents 64 stunning pictures from his popular Up-N-Smoke Engine Project. In addition to his engine photography, the book also tells the story of the project and the years it took to bring it from an inspired idea to a tangible reality. The story of the Up-N-Smoke Engine Project journals how what started as an artistic outlet became an obsession and eventually a business. This is the project that Cycle World magazine called "pornography for gearheads." A special chapter is included showing the process that each picture needed to go through in order to create the finished product.
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