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From the Dirt DVD

From the Dirt DVD


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    Product Code: MX612DVD , Release Date: 04 November 2008, 55 minutes

    Product description

    FROM THE DIRT is a High Definition shot Dirt Lifestyle DVD that brings a whole new level to the industry. With a lineup of riders and drivers featuring:
    - CORR Pro4 Racer Kyle Leduc
    - X-games gold medalist FMX rider Nate Adams
    - RedBull Moto-X phenomenon Kyle Engle
    - Pro Trophy Truck Driver Nick Mazzio
    - Rising FMX star Destin Cantrell
    - Monster Truck driver Rick Swanson
    With a feature segment on all these athletes, viewers are able to experience the action packed lifestyle they are living!
    A multi genre soundtrack backs up this great selection of riders to give everyone something to enjoy.