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Tanks at War M4 Sherman DVD

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Product Code: DD20349 , Release Date: 08 September 2008
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Tanks at War M4 Sherman DVD - Description

The M4 Sherman tank was the workhorse of Allied Armour during the Second World War. Its supreme versatility meant that it served in almost every theatre of the war and was adapted to suit numerous roles. However it was also often out gunned, under armoured and its engine easily caught fire when hit. The Germans nicknamed it the `Tommy Cooker`...

Despite its vulnerabilities, the Sherman won through, often because of sheer weight of numbers. From 1940 to 1945, some 50,000 M4s were built. At the height of production, one Sherman rolled off the production line every 30 minutes.

This video tells the story of the Sherman at war, using dramatic frontline combat film including American M4s in France, Italy and the Pacific, British Shermans in North Africa and even Soviet versions in Russia.

This in depth profile also covers camouflage, duels with Tigers, and takes you inside a rare, preserved Sherman for a look at the controls and crew positions. Virtually every significant variant is featured, including British Fireflies with 17Ib guns, American adaptations with 76mm cannons and 105mm howitzers, minesweepers, flame throwers, troop carriers and bridge carriers.

The Sherman may not have been the most lethal of fighting vehicles, or the most heavily armoured, but its flexibility and suitability for so many roles in so many theatres made it the perfect tank for `Total War`.


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