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Le Mans and GT40 Bundle

Le Mans and GT40 Bundle


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    Product code: CTX1708Released: 16 September 2016400 pages

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    The Original Ford GT 101

    The story of one obsessive collectors desire to recreate the original Ford GT (chassis no. 101) destroyed in a practice crash at Le Mans in ’65 by Jo Schlesser. Claude Nahum decided he wanted to recreate ‘101’ and that’s exactly what he did. Author Ed Heuvink’s portrayal of the car and its recreation can now be enjoyed with this exhaustive and well illustrated volume.

    This Time Tomorrow & Target 200

    Possibly the most beautiful film ever made about the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Stunning mid-sixties visuals, great production values and superb aesthetic make This Time Tomorrow worthy of watching in themselves but the fact that it is the documentary story of one of the most iconic editions of the race make this a must-have in any collection. Ford’s new Mk. II GT40s took on the mighty Ferraris, Porsches and Matras and gradually watched them all fall by the wayside.


    The Ford GT40 Story 

    The full story of the world-beating Ford GT40 from inception to victory and eventual resurrection as a road going tribute version in 2005. Featuring Ford archive footage, interviews with designers and drivers and Tiff Needell testing two works versions