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The 24 Hour War: Ford vs Ferrari DVD

The 24 Hour War: Ford vs Ferrari DVD


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    Product code: CSY003Released: 01 November 202199 minutesDVD Region: 0

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    The Ford versus Ferrari rivalry at Le Mans™ is one of the most famous battles in racing history.

    It started in 1963 when Henry Ford II tried to buy Ferrari to save the ailing Ford Motor Company, which was being crushed by GM and the Corvette on the track and at the dealerships.

    Ferrari was the most successful racing team in the world at that time.

    After months of intense negotiation, Enzo Ferrari said no — refusing to allow Ford to interfere with what he loved the most: racing.

    Henry Ford II was furious and vowed to build a racecar that would dethrone Ferrari.

    Ford engineered a revolutionary racecar called the GT40.

    The battle would be at the most famous race in the world, The 24 Hours of Le Mans™, where Ferrari had reigned supreme for decades. In the 1960s only two teams ever won Le Mans™.


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