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    Product code: 5514EDReleased: 03 July 202056 minutes

    Product description

    The Ultimate Guide to 4 x 4 Vehicles, Driving and Fun!


    Whether cruising around town or bumping through muddy

    country lanes, 4x4 vehicles are fast taking their place at the

    forefront of multi-purpose motoring. From luxurious, spacious cruisers to sturdy, no-frills mud-pluggers, the four-wheel market offers a growing range of options for the motorist, with a fashionable combination of style and practicality, comfort and versatility. 


    ‘This is 4WD’ offers a fascinating and informative  insight into the rapidly expanding world of 4 x 4’s and explores the qualities that attract such a wide cross-section of enthusiastic followers.


    Join us as we:

    -  Visit one of the biggest off-road and 4WD shows in the 

       country and talk to the participants, vehicle testers and 4WD

        rally competitors;

    -  Learn the basics of 4WD driving and 

    - Join Off-Road and 4-Wheel Drive magazine during their test

        week, testing the best of the current 4x4 models under a

        wide range of conditions.


    Our high quality cameras take you behind the scenes, and on-board, to put you fully in the picture.