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F1 1975 Review Lauda & Ferrari No 1 Download

F1 1975 Review Lauda & Ferrari No 1 Download
Product Code: 3780ED , Release Date: 11 December 2009, 52 minutes
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F1 1975 Review Lauda & Ferrari No 1 Download - Description

Formula One 1975 Review - Lauda and Ferrari No. 1 is the review of the 1975 Formula 1 season.

This was the year when the prancing horse got its spring back, when Niki Lauda in the new Ferrari 312T won the Formula One Drivers Championship.

1975 was the year when the prancing horse got its spring back. The early decade had been a challenging period for Ferrari, as they struggled to find a body shape that would do justice to the brute force of the V12 engine. Enter Niki Lauda and his brand new car - the Ferrari 312T. It proved to be an irresistible combination that would be unstoppable.

However, it wasn’t plain sailing all the way. 1975 was an unsettled season, full of disagreements and problems that saw four races stopped prematurely for safety reasons and the Canadian GP cancelled over money issues.

Niki Lauda shone through these gloomy times, winning four out of five mid-season Grand Prix to take the Championship away from his closest rival and defending champion Emerson Fittipaldi. When he secured the championship/constructor double in front of a frenzied Italian crowd at Monza, the world knew that Ferrari was back.

Brunswick Films were pioneers in the embryonic days of Formula One production, when sponsors controlled the demand for footage, and before the era of global TV coverage began. They have skilfully combined film from their famous archive - including some previously unseen material - to create a review that captures the essence of a very special era in Grand Prix racing.

The 1975 Formula 1 season is perfectly summarised in this 52 minute film, using archive footage from Brunswick Films. The review is a wonderful piece of Grand Prix nostalgia in which the brilliant driving skills of Niki Lauda coupled with the new Ferrari 312T clinched the 1975 Formula One Drivers and Constructors double Championship.