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John Wilson's World of Fishing Signed Copy (HB) (FOS)

John Wilson's World of Fishing Signed Copy (HB) (FOS)
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Product Code: 0954777808X , Release Date: 28 February 2008
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    John Wilson's World of Fishing Signed Copy (HB) (FOS) - Description

    Signed by John Wilson, the 'greatest angler of all time' (Angling Times).
    World of Fishing reflects John Wilson's fishing adventures both at home and abroad, with articles chosen from his columns in the Daily Express and the Sunday Express, "Anglers Retreat" and "Gone Fishin'", that cover the best part of a decade.
    As a full-time angling writer, this volume records John's personal "world of fishing" in which he illustrates that he is just as happy centre-pin trotting or upstream nymphing for dace and grayling in a southern chalkstream, or scrambling across rapids in pursuit of big mahseer in southern India, or heaving into a brute of a white sturgeon in front of TV cameras along Canada's mighty Fraser river.