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Keith Beeden S Film Archive VHS

Keith Beeden S Film Archive VHS
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Catalogue No. NVC1023 , Release Date: 18 October 2001
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Keith Beeden S Film Archive VHS - Description

Keith Beeden is one of Britain's most prolific transport historians. He has been filming public transport since the 1950s. This video is a collection of footage from across the UK, introduced by Keith himself, from his large and unique archive of cine film.

Highlights include the last Sheffield trams being moved to the National Tramway Museum, Routemasters, Edinburgh and other Scottish buses, the 90th Anniversary of Leyland, various rallies through the years and how Grimsby and Cleethorpes Transport apparently copied a South Yorkshire experimental livery.

A specially recorded soundtrack has been added where possible along with a comprehensive personal narration from Keith making this video a true collector's edition of public transport memories.