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A Butcher Bird's Tale DVD

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Catalogue No. DD21572 , Release Date: 09 August 2005
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A Butcher Bird's Tale DVD - Description

On `Black Friday`, 9th February 1945, Heinz Orlowski was shot down in his Focke Wulf 190 by two RAF Mustangs while on convoy escort duty over Norway. As the young Luftwaffe pilot desperately struggles with a malfunctioning parachute, he watched his plane plummet to earth. He could never have guessed that, 49 years later, he would be reunited with his aircraft once more...

A Butcher Bird`s Tale is the story of Heinz Orlowski`s career as first an Me109 and then a FW190 pilot, and the story of the extraordinary effort by the Texas Air Museum to renovate and preserve his FW190, designated `White One`.

Pilot and plane were finally reunited when Heinz Orlowski was invited to visit the Museum. Join him first on an emotional walkround of this rare fighter aircraft and then as he climbs into the cockpit once more...